Angola’s rulers mull over their options

Angola has all the characteristics of a 21st-century petro-state: an extravagant property market, a corporate sector dominated by government-related entities and, now, a sovereign wealth fund.

Indexing: The final frontier

This time last year – and the year before that – a great deal of discussion about Qatar concerned its likely ascent from the MSCI’s frontier index to its emerging markets index.

Time for Citi to deliver in Asia

In Asia Pacific, Citi’s corporate and investment bank is starting to punch its weight as a broad restructuring, a shift in strategy and much soul-searching begin to bear fruit.

Inside the €18 billion Italian job

Italy is profoundly caught up in the eurozone crisis, but unlike its peripheral peers, which remain hostage to the international bond markets, the country is able partly to fund its colossal public debt by drawing on formidable and passionate support at home.

Colombians eye central America

Not content with the blossoming pan-Andean financial market, Colombian banks and corporates are looking north to central America for opportunities for growth and as a means to forge a path to the lucrative markets of Mexico and the US.

Basle III on the brink?

The post-Lehman consensus on the framework is under strain, as the US postpones the January 2013 start date, triggering the ire of EU banks.

Africa: Teflon-coated bonds

There is no clearer sign of the strength of investor interest in emerging markets than the scramble for African sovereign bonds, but how long can it last?

JPMorgan: Going all out in Brazil

JPMorgan has backed its subsidiary with balance sheet and resources, and although the country’s economic growth has slowed the bank’s headcount has continued to rise.