The CEE deleveraging conundrum

Western European banks heavily involved in the CEE region strenuously rebut suggestions they are cutting back on these foreign operations.

South Africa unsecures its banks

Efforts to bring finance to the masses have brought an unsecured lending boom to South Africa, with home improvements loans at the forefront.

Russia’s hedge fund opposition

As president Vladimir Putin enters his third term, one of the main critics of the political and corruption risks in Russia is Bill Browder, chief executive of London hedge fund Hermitage Capital.

Arunma Oteh: A reformer fights back

In an exclusive interview, Arunma Oteh says her temporary suspension earlier this year as head of the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission was just the latest in a series of attempts to unseat her.

Mexico on the move

A new, reforming government, renewed international competitiveness and a strong pipeline for capital market deals are leading this Latin American market forwards again.

Here comes the great disintermediation

After five years of crisis, bankruptcies, redrafting of regulation and redrawn business plans, the biggest structural change yet to the banking system is on its way.

Borrowers add heft to Japan’s capital market resurgence

Against a background of heavy Japanese foreign-currency bond issuance, Euromoney speaks to a panel of leading borrowers and arrangers about the impact of the eurozone crisis, the country’s borrowing needs and the prospects for its economy.