Embraer CFO: High-flier tempted by low-cost debt

In his first interview as new CFO of Embraer, Paulo Penido Marques says the company is well placed to diversify and grow with its current balance sheet – but he is tempted by the rates on offer in the international debt capital market to pre-fund some 2012 capex.

Electricity sales spark interest

Nigerian banks say that financing essential upgrades in mobile-telephone infrastructure will be one area driving local loan growth during the next 12 months.

Portugal: The domino that should not fall

Some have called the markets’ punishment of Portugal unfair – after all, it has kept up its side of the bargain with the troika – but NPLs continue to dog the banks.

Time to row back on bank regulation?

By piling up the burden on banks, regulators have started a shrinking of the banking industry that they can no longer control and that markets are accelerating.