CEE: Work in progress

After decades of neglect, infrastructure in central and eastern Europe is in urgent need of upgrading.

Euromoney FX survey 2011: HSBC raises its game

When Euromoney calls to book appointments with the heads of the top 10 FX banks before the results of this year’s poll appear, the typical response from their press officers is: “Can we get back to you, he is travelling in Asia right now.” This tells you all you need to know about growth in the foreign exchange markets, with Asia as its new frontier.

Euromoney’s 2011 FX survey results

The results of Euromoney’s 2011 annual benchmark survey of the global foreign exchange industry show that competition is intensifying among a group of six-to-eight leading banks, as electronic trading continues to gain in importance.

Investment banks eye the last frontier: Africa

African deals are increasing in number but what is the best way for investment banks to get involved? Dominic O’Neill finds out what the key players in Johannesburg, London and Dubai are thinking.