CDO banks face last-minute court crapshoot

Total losses from the credit crisis amount to $1.8 trillion, much of that suffered by buyers of supposedly low risk structured credit securitizations that turned out to be garbage.

Best managed companies in Asia 2011 results

Analysts nominate top companies in each Asian country or sector they cover, bearing in mind market strength, profitability, growth potential and quality of management and earnings.

Sovereign debt: Principles and practice

The Principles for Stable Capital Flows and Fair Debt Restructuring were agreed in 2004 between big sovereign issuers and leaders in private finance and subsequently endorsed by the G20 ministers in Berlin in 2004.

Geoghegan: The accidental banker

An entrepreneur at heart, and with a stint as a girls’ dress shop owner already under his belt, the teenage Geoghegan had his sights set on pursuing a business degree at University College Dublin before a job offer as an HSBC trainee manager threw him off course.