Bank bail-ins struggle to find the right balance

As the G20 seeks to install a permanent resolution mechanism to enable burden sharing between the private and public sectors in any future financial crisis, investors and banks are in a state of flux.

Bhattacharyya and the Coal India story

In the Coal India head office above a swarming, heaving ­Kolkata street, chairman Partha Bhattacharyya lives and breathes the company he joined as a management trainee in 1977, just two years after its foundation.

Real estate: The art of micro management

Despite attractive yields and improved turnover in a few prime markets, the European commercial real estate recovery remains tentative as supply and finance constraints continue to restrict activity.

Coal India fees go up in smoke

When one bank pitched a fee of one one-millionth of a percent to be a bookrunner on the landmark Coal India IPO, every other lead manager had to accept the same level.

Leveraged finance gets stuck on repeat

The pressure of money weighing on the high-yield and leveraged loan market has given rise to the kind of market excess that optimists thought would not be seen again for a very long time.

Dubai World: Dubai one year on

One year on from the revelation of Dubai World’s debt problems the emirate is looking to the foundations of its prosperity – its position as a trade, transport and services hub – for recovery.