Russian investment bankers don suits

Scotching a reputation for cowboy practices, they are responding to demands for more sophistication and the state’s desire to create an important financial centre.

Why Farnood was flushed out of Kabulbank

In the battle to rebuild war-torn Afghanistan, Kabulbank inserted itself as a key player, building the country’s largest deposit base and becoming the payment agent for many government enterprises.

Regulation: Improving on the FSA

There was no chance that the UK’s Financial Services Authority would emerge from the recent financial crisis without a fundamental overhaul of its culture, objectives and procedures.

Securitization under question?

The foreclosure abuses furore has led to suggestions that the whole process by which mortgages are transferred to trusts during securitization could now be in doubt.

Budapest blues

Hungary’s foreign banks are adamant that they’re in for the long haul.