Russia debate: Russia grapples with economic transition

Russia’s capabilities have been stretched by the global financial crisis and an economic slowdown but its dominant position as a commodity exporter can still be a strength if the necessary reform and reconstruction measures are put in place.

Can Turkish banks avoid economic reality?

How much longer can Turkish banks increase profits while the economy shrinks? The luck and skill of the industry have meant that defaulting borrowers have not yet caused a credit-quality crisis.

Singaporean private banking: Formula for excess

Singapore’s free-wheeling private bankers enjoyed the ride of their lives in the pre-crisis years, but with government intervention and a clutch of lawsuits looming, it looks as though many are finally running out of road.

Government bonds: The great bond conundrum

Huge supply, uncertainty over the inflation outlook and the effects of exceptional monetary policy, the prospect of a dramatic rise in yields, or a buyers’ strike: all these are stalking government bonds.