Private sector: The private side of Portugal

The extent of government involvement in Portugal’s economy might be partly to blame for anaemic growth over the past decade, but it’s throwing up attractive opportunities for private-sector investors.

Banks begin great financial retrenchment

Over the next few years the financial landscape could see a dramatic shift as market forces, politicians and tighter regulations make banks scale back their foreign businesses and focus more at home.

The Barclays era dawns

Frits Seegers has a mission to turn Barclays into a global retail and commercial banking powerhouse.

Barclays keeps apologizing for saving the bank

In the summer of 2008, following failed offerings from HBOS and RBS, the UK Treasury commissioned a Rights Issue Review Group consisting of bankers, investors and regulators, to examine the equity-capital-raising process in the UK and recommend ways to make it more efficient and orderly.