Nomura in Europe: the appointments so far

Nomura has named the executive committee for the acquired business in Europe; as was expected the majority of front office staff are ex-Lehman Brothers bankers taking up similar roles to those they held around Europe before the deal, while the back office management team tend to be from Nomura.

Cash management: Centralization, standardization and consolidation

Before corporate treasurers can begin to weigh their investment options, it is essential to create a liquidity management structure that gives both subsidiaries and head office the most advantageous set-up to minimize costs and maximize returns – while leaving sufficient cash where it is needed to pay day-to-day expenses.

Prime brokerage: The day the music stopped

For the hundreds of hedge funds caught up in the collapse of Lehman Brothers International’s prime brokerage, it might take years to claw back securities entrusted as collateral.

The week Wall Street capitulated

In October the credit crunch finally devastated global equity markets as investor panic threatened to bring down all but the very strongest banks.

Why Daniels’ transformational deal was waiting to happen

Anybody throwing a superficial glance at Eric Daniels’ CV in June 2003 could have been forgiven for erroneously assuming that his appointment was a signal that Lloyds had tired of its conspicuous failure to tie up a merger with a European partner, having rediscovered an appetite for international expansion towards the end of the 1990s.

Meet Mr Pakistan

Mian Mansha owns one of the best banks in Asia but his ambitions reach much further.

Lloyds/HBOS: the shotgun wedding years in the making

Surely it was high time Lloyds TSB made a life-changing acquisition? Surely it had the balance sheet to do so? And surely assets were available at a never-to-be-repeated price? Philip Moore put these questions to Lloyds’ finance director less than a month before its shotgun wedding with HBOS.

Balkan banking: Time to talk

At the beginning of 2007, Euromoney wrote that the retail lending boom in the Balkans was putting pressure on the region’s banking systems and that cooperation between banks and authorities was vital.