Kuwait's investors demand more depth

While Dubai quickly captures the attention of most investors looking at the Middle East region, other financial centres are moving to build sustainable market frameworks that will support further investment activity.

Macro FX: Recoupling, reflation and recession

A discussion of the macro picture in FX markets was overseen by Paul Bednarczyk, currency strategist at consultants 4CAST, with David Simmonds, head of FX strategy at RBS, Simon Derrick, head of the currency strategy team at The Bank of New York Mellon and Luca Bindelli, currency economist at Morgan Stanley, participating

Argentina faces up to a crisis

Central bank governor Martin Redrado is confident he can win the fight against inflation, but investors are sceptical of Kirchner’s policies.

CICC powers on

The first investment banking joint venture to be approved by China’s State Council was in 1995.

Getting microfinance to the farmers

Commercial farmers have benefited from higher food prices but subsistence farmers in developing countries have missed out on the boom because they need to consume all their production themselves and do not have enough surplus to sell at market prices.

Foreigners tap Saudi boom through the family

Growth potential, better corporate governance, a shot of expert knowledge and a troubled stock market are all reasons why family-owned firms might sell stakes to interested outsiders.

What’s fair value in foul markets?

As Euromoney asks for his views on fair-value accounting, the European bank chief executive carefully sets down his fork in the plate of scrambled eggs before him, slumps back in his chair and rolls his eyes.

Syria seeks to underpin economic stability

Mohammed Al-Hussein, Syria’s minister of finance, talks to Sudip Roy about the effects of oil price rises and declining domestic production, the development of the country’s banking sector, and efforts at budgetary control and the development of a T-bill market.

Moved to London

Nigerian banks in London might be compared to the city’s famous red buses: you can wait an age for one to come along and then three or four appear at once.