Taiwan builds bridges with the mainland

New president Ma Ying-jeou is intent on improving relations with the People’s Republic of China, with likely benefits for business, especially in financial services.

Alternative energy: Will investors clean up?

The alternative energy sector has been called the investment opportunity of the early 21st century, but the sector’s bumpy ride on the world’s stock markets has drawn unwelcome comparisons to the dotcom boom.

Banks warm to green products

Bankers have wasted little time trying to cash in on the interest in the environment that has emerged as a key issue among socially responsible investors.

Carbon and commodities

Much like other commodities, carbon dioxide emission allowances and credits have been enjoying a rally and have not escaped the magnetic power of oil.

Even in good times Turkey is vulnerable

After the country’s GDP was revised upwards by 32%, Standard & Poor’s downgrade of its outlook has been unpopular, especially as Moody’s and Fitch saw no reason to follow suit.

LBO market braced for messy restructurings

Anyone with a brief to outline the benefits of mezzanine lending over the hedge fund and CLO money that recently replaced it could do worse than sit back and wait for the first wave of recent LBO deals to go wrong.

Primary debt poll 2008: Survival of the fittest

After a year that has been ruthless in its revelation of sub-par debt services, the Euromoney debt poll reveals which banks have managed to survive the credit crunch with their reputations, and their client bases, still intact.

Turkey’s lending boom still booming

Despite conflicting views on the state of the economy and uncertainty caused by political unrest, banks are riding high on mortgage lending and consumer loans.