Investment banking: Eastern promise

While investment bankers in the west expect a difficult 2008, counterparts in Asia cite the successful closing of buyouts, bond issuances and IPOs during the market turmoil as proof of the region’s opportunities.

Debt threat to German real estate

Will the long-awaited recovery in the German real estate market be stopped in its tracks by turmoil in the debt markets? Louise Bowman reports.

Insurance survey: Ping An

In January 2008, Ping An announced a large domestic fund-raising plan: 1.2 billion new Shanghai-listed A shares – 14% of its expanded capital – and $5.7 billion of convertible bonds with warrants.

Thailand looks to a return to growth

Thailand’s People Power Party government bears a close resemblance to Thaksin Shinawatra’s overthrown administration, and Thaksin is widely seen as its eminence grise.

Commodities: Boom or bubble?

Commodity prices continue to break records, defying the spectre of slowing growth in the US and the performance of other asset classes.

Insurance survey: MAI

Since the beginning of the 1990s there has been a huge increase in foreign direct investment in central and eastern Europe.

China: Venturing off the radar

While the global credit squeeze makes large-scale private equity investments tough, China’s burgeoning corporate sector offers rich pickings for smaller funds with local know-how.

Insurance survey: La Meridional

Despite a population of about 560 million – nearly 10% of the world total – Latin America has only 2% of the global insurance market.