Insurance poll 2008

“Misunderstanding risk is, now more than ever, a potentially fatal risk for business” -Gregory Case, Aon Corporation

European CMBS forced to the brink

For those dependent on the European commercial mortgage-backed securities market for funding, the credit crunch has prompted a round of soul-searching.

Brazilian private banks: Fishers of rich men

Brazil’s private bankers are eagerly seeking out the means to differentiate themselves from rivals and attract the rich shoal of high-net-worth individuals a market boom has created.

Portugal: A tale of big and small

When global events blew across the stock market, it sent Portugal’s smaller companies scurrying back into their shells just as they were being tempted out.

Debt threat to German real estate

Will the long-awaited recovery in the German real estate market be stopped in its tracks by turmoil in the debt markets? Louise Bowman reports.