Stan O'Neal timeline

We follow Stan O'Neal's CEO-ship at Merrill Lynch, starting with David Komansky's decision to name O'Neal as future CEO in 2001.

The domino effect

The most striking feature of the subprime crisis is how the failure by cash-strapped house buyers in California to meet their mortgage payments could have had such far-reaching consequences.

ECM league tables

Including: ECM Convertible Bookrunners: Asia, EMEA, US | ECM IPO Bookrunners: Asia Pacific, EMEA, US | ECM Bookrunners: Asia Pacific, EMEA, US and Global

Debt markets league tables

Including: Bonds - Global (ex Japan) MBS/ABS Bookrunners | HY debt: Asia Pacific, EMEA, US | IG debt: Asia Pacific, EMEA, US | $ DCM Bookrunners | € DCM Bookrunners | International DCM Bookrunners | Loans - EMEA sponsor-driven loans | Global IG loans | Global leveraged loans & highly leveraged loans | Mandated Arranger: Asia, EMEA, US, Global | Non-syndicated MTNs, Private MTNs

CLS: Good, but still room for improvement

After what could be described as a difficult conception and then arduous labour, foreign exchange settlement system CLS has gone on to thrive in the first five years of its life.

Building societies: Following N&P’s lead

N&P’s achievement has made it a standard-bearer for the UK building society sector – proof positive that the mutuals can match their listed competitors when it comes to risk management savvy.

Emerging Europe’s stress test

Opportunities are growing for distressed debt and equity investors in the region despite record levels of private equity fundraising.