Asian high-yield debt issuance: Hard assets, hard sell

Although Reits remain a favoured capital-raising tool for Asian property businesses, especially in developed markets, high-yield debt issuance, particularly for China property plays, is gaining increasing popularity among developers as a strong Chinese equity market fuels investor appetite for the sector.

FX poll 2007: Winners and losers in 2007

Which US investment bank is back in the top 10? Which Danish bank breaks into the top 25 for the first time? What’s the best multi-bank platform – FXall or Currenex? And who are the leading local banks in emerging market FX? Here are the views of over 8,000 end-users who transacted over $120 trillion in the past 12 months.

Taking Tatarstan’s petrochemical resources into the future

At the centre of the economic policy of the government of Tatarstan is the intention to get the maximum possible value from the Republic’s remaining oil reserves, which means developing and building the most advanced petrochemical refining facilities within Tatarstan itself.

Samba shows what Saudi bankers can do

The booming Saudi economy is drawing the big international banks into the Kingdom, hoping to make a fortune from selling their expertise in banking and investment products to its wealthy individuals.

Risk-taking smaller banks buck the consolidation trend

Talk in the media and analysts’ reports about banking in central and eastern Europe tends to revolve around consolidation – the inevitable acquisition of the region’s most promising targets by foreign firms eager to increase their investment in rapidly growing economies.

Tatarstan in the capital markets

Tatarstan is the most progressive Russian region after Moscow and St Petersburg in attracting foreign portfolio investors, with a successful record in attracting loan financing, Eurobond financing, and equity investment.

Is the Baltics boom set to bust?

As demand for financial services accelerates in Europe’s fastest-growing economies, several firms based in the Baltic republics have quietly been building impressive investment banking operations that now compete with larger Scandinavian rivals.

Tatarstan’s new Special Economic Zone Alabuga

As part of its policy initiative to encourage economic innovation and diversification away from oil and gas, the federal government is setting up several Special Economic Zones (SEZ) around Russia, companies in which will enjoy special tax privileges.

Tatarstan’s consumer boom

In the centre of Kazan, Mintimer Shaimiev, president of Tatarstan, officially opens the $70 million new Park House shopping mall, set up by Austrian investors Meinl European Land.