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Banking league tables

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Henry Cai: a new breed of dealmaker

Henry Cai is a well-liked, hard-working and driven banker who has spent the past decade raising capital not for China’s state-run firms but for its growing army of privately run corporations.

Philippines call centres: Hot seats

Although the Philippines has largely failed to compete against its northern neighbours in manufacturing, it has managed to find other niches to compensate.

Bank of America readies a benchmark

Despite encouraging news from Bank of America, most US mortgage providers have so far remained aloof despite investor enthusiasm for covered bonds.

Dubai International Capital (DIC) looks to spread its investment wings

Simon Brady speaks to Sameer Al Ansari (SA), executive chairman, Dubai International Capital, and Rabih Khoury (RK), DIC’s head of Middle East and North Africa Investments about the strategies of the international investment arm of conglomerate Dubai Holding and how it fits in the Dubai Investment Group.

Iran banks rebuff US charges

Are Iranian banks based in London an unwitting victim of political tensions in the Gulf, as US authorities try to limit their access to international finance?

Japan: Watanabe invites foreign investors to come and play

With gross public debt more than 170% of GDP and domestic investors increasingly diversifying overseas, the country is keen to attract foreign investors, even as it struggles to reduce government bond issuance and stave off roll-over risk.