Tackling Telekom Malaysia

As Khazanah’s biggest investment, Telekom Malaysia is perhaps the most notorious symbol of the inefficiencies evident in the country’s public sector.

Oyak marches to the profit drumbeat

Created in 1961 to supplement the pensions of military personnel, Turkish pension fund Oyak has traditionally delivered returns by holding majority stakes in Turkish companies.

Baillie Gifford: Equities now and forever

Baillie Gifford is one of Scotland's most respected investment managers, which has grown to over £44 billion of assets under management without ever leaving its Edinburgh base.

Pipes going mainstream

Once the domain of “death spirals,” the market for private investments in public equities, or Pipes, is going mainstream.

The Lazard story

Euromoney hass reported on some of the more interesting people and events in recent Lazard history.

Wealth management battle intensifies

In an increasingly competitive landscape, wealth managers are facing the possibility of losing clients to rivals unless they improve in several key areas.