Deutsche and Goldman neck and neck

The results of Euromoney’s inaugural structured credit poll provide an invaluable insight into what is often an impenetrable sector of the capital markets.

Dubai Financial buys into Malaysian bank

Dubai Investment Group subsidiary Dubai Financial has bought a 40% stake in Malaysia’s oldest Shariah-compliant bank, Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) – the group’s largest single investment in the Asian financial sector to date.

REFCO bankruptcy: No Gain without pain for Refco

In a motion filed with a US bankruptcy court at the end of June, Refco announced that it had entered into an agreement to sell its retail FX business, including customer account information and related assets, to Gain Capital Group.

Stan O'Neal interview: "It's powerful if you have an organization on the same page"

What lessons did Stan O’Neal learn from the restructuring of Merrill Lynch at the turn of the decade? What are Merrill’s plans in mortgages, private equity and asset management? And what continues to drive Merrill’s CEO forward? O’Neal reveals all to Clive Horwood in his first in-depth interview since becoming the firm’s chairman and CEO.

Is Natixis an omen for French banks?

The merger of Caisse d’Epargne’s and Banque Populaire’s investment banks and asset managers opens up the possibility of even more consolidation in France.

Enhanced returns: Hedge fund overlays catch on

With some institutional investors still indecisive about allocating investments to hedge funds, and some still struggling to get to grips with portable alpha, it’s a relief to know that others are so ahead of the curve that they are putting the two elements together.

Hedge funds: Copernico sits back and waits

One of the more successful hedge funds in Latin America, Copernico Capital Partners, is sitting on the sidelines as the market volatility continues, having presciently disbursed most of its Argentine holdings back to investors in April.