Emerging Europe focus

Here you will find a listing of Euromoney's recent rankings and editorial related to the transparency and supervision of CEE's banking and corporate world.

How the structured credit revolution started

“The very first credit derivatives that I wrote, we didn’t even call them credit derivatives as the name hadn’t even been invented then!” says Andrew Donaldson, former deputy treasurer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, who went on to work at JPMorgan before forming hedge fund Credaris last year as CEO.

Erste insists the CEE party is not over

While some analysts worry about the Austrian bank’s effect on prices in central and eastern Europe, others have a great deal of confidence in CEO Andreas Treichl and his X factor.

Russia wrestles with transparency requirements

Russian companies are not renowned for adherence to international standards in corporate governance but several from the Russian Federation are looking to list their stock domestically and abroad.

Croats seek funds close to home

With EU accession for Croatia still a few years away, the country’s financial authorities are focusing their attention on developing the local bond market.

Debate: Hybrids make an impact

Hybrid structured products – cross-asset-class investments – are finally starting to make a significant impact with investors.

Japan: A bridge too far?

The bridge loan Softbank has taken out to acquire Vodafone in Japan is enormous, negotiated on onerous terms and costly by Japanese standards.

Sama sees no problems for the banks

“These people aren’t really rich,” the manager at one office tells Euromoney, “their net worth might be as little as $5 million to $10 million.

Turkey’s banks put M&A centre stage

The enormous growth potential of the Turkish banking sector is attracting a lot of attention but the mortgage business, one of the industry’s biggest attractions, is suffering from profit shortfalls because of a lack of well-matched funding opportunities.

Project finance takes shape in Kazakhstan

The central Asian republic may still be developing suitable funding channels, but a pick-up in deals is expected, given an economy that continues to grow and an appropriate legal framework.

Saudi projects lure the big players

International banks have been encouraged to re-enter the Saudi project finance market with big-ticket deals backed by a relatively healthy risk environment and more solid financial guarantees than in the past.