The view from the JGGBs

Japanese government-guaranteed issuers such as DBJ and JBIC have been among the largest issuers of debt from Japan.

Asia's Red-hot Reits

The eagerly awaited opening up of mainland China to Reits investment continues to hang fire but the market is hot elsewhere in the region, with retail and institutional investors piling into new issues.

M&A: Whacked by Spacs?

Who would hand over millions of dollars to a management group of a publicly listed company that does nothing, has no business strategy, has no assets and might never have any assets? But that’s what’s happening as more and more special purpose acquisition companies list.

Russia’s Red Arrow secured on track

Although banks have been leading securitization developments so far in Russia, the monopoly railroad infrastructure provider has come to market with the country’s first transaction backed by lease receivables.

Emerging Europe focus

Here you will find a listing of Euromoney's recent rankings and editorial related to the transparency and supervision of CEE's banking and corporate world.