Country risk March 2006

Oil producers strike it rich, but long-term issues remain

The high price of oil highlights the fact that many economies are too reliant on raw materials exports, with governments creating unfavourable conditions for foreign investment through neglect or for political reasons.

Best-managed LATAM companies 2006

Latin American companies are shedding reputations for irresponsible management to become competitors, and even leaders, in the global markets.

MIDEAST: Lack of products makes investors demand more

Supply of both Islamic-compliant and conventional instruments has so far failed to keep up with the voracious levels of demand across the Middle East, but there are signs that product-starved investors might now begin to see a steadier flow, though far-reaching challenges remain.

LDI Debate: Bridging the void

A mixture of accounting issues, demographics, trends in the equity market and a sharp fall in bond yields has revealed the chasm between the assets and liabilities of pension funds in the UK, Europe and the US.