Bond Outlook December 14th

The USA is not even trying to rebalance the "one-consumer" world economy, but expect a change with profound implications in China's policy from "growth at all costs" to "added value".

Asian companies 2005

Thai and Malaysian companies performed strongly in this year’s annual survey of which companies leading financial analysts rate as the best in Asia.

Fund champs go head to head

There’s little to choose between the world’s two heavyweight institutional fund managers as they square up to fight for profitability.

Shacks, shebeens and securitization

Originally established under the white minority regime to compulsorily house non-white labour outside the cities, South Africa’s townships are now obvious targets for a nascent low-income housing finance market.

The rush returns to ABS

From an asset class perspective, the CDO sector dominates the pipeline and within that sector CLO issuance is at the vanguard.

Look to Japan in the decade of equity

Japanese equities are at the start of a sustained bull market that in the next two years will take the Nikkei well above 20,000 from its current 14,000 level.