The curse of success

Hedge funds are squaring up to the fact that the next phase of their development will be more difficult, due to capacity shortages and low returns.

Credit for the masses

Faced with the declining profitability of traditional fixed income, asset managers have sought to beef up their credit teams to enable them to compete in the higher margin world of credit derivatives.

Prey becomes predator

Companies from emerging markets are on the acquisition trail, and their targets now include firms in North America and Europe.

Alibaba clicks with Yahoo

Yahoo's acquisition of a major stake in Chinese e-commerce business Alibaba looks like another example of a US internet firm muscling its way into a dominant position in China.

Banks: Investment jigsaw takes shape

Investment by foreign banks and investors in domestic Chinese banks is not over, but it seems that the recent frenzy of activity has abated, with most of the big deals now signed or at least agreed.

The dash for cash

Sustained competition, falling margins and regulatory pressures mean that the world of cash management and payments is heading towards an inflection point.