Keep up or lose out

In part two of our structured credit roundtable, participants discuss the new products and strategies available to investors in the structured credit market.

Investors fear pension black holes

The growing problem of pension fund shortfalls and government attempts to cope with them are prompting a cautious approach from private-equity investors, with the UK particularly badly affected.

Ways around a difficult issue

Wary investors and a growing equity issuance backlog have spelt disappointment for many of the issuers that have made it to market.

Thailand's model broker

Since Asia's 1997 financial crisis, most Thai financial businesses have been forced to focus on recovery and restructuring.

Wellington storms the middle ground

With massive capital, some of the finest minds and cutting-edge technology, the bulge-bracket global securities firms offer clients a seamless one-stop service.

A passive approach to active investment

The emergence of investable hedge fund indices has provoked a great deal of debate in the hedge fund industry, with extravagant claims being made by both proponents and detractors.