Japan's just-in-time corporate overhaul

The completion of several high-profile corporate restructurings in Japan has convinced many investors that at long last the country is shaping up to come out of recession.

Latin America's rich demand more

Latin America's high-net-worth individuals have followed their peers in the rest of the world in demanding more sophisticated and personalized services from their private bankers.

Facing up to foreign competition

With foreign players set to start investment banking operations in Saudi Arabia, local banks are confident that they can meet the challenge.

Macquarie goes mainstream

Macquarie has steered a profitable course, avoiding head-on confrontation with global competition through niche strategies.

Capital One plays its cards right

By 2002 Capital One's rapid growth took it deep into sub-prime territory, stirring up a crippling rise in its borrowing costs and scaring off bond investors.

Pakistan's growth story goes unheard

Pakistan's economy is growing at an unprecedented rate but foreign investors, exercised by doubts about political stability, haven't heard the good news.