Egypt enjoys new optimism

A new central bank governor with a firmer grip on exchange rate policy, a modest upturn in growth and a respectable equity market performance have increased confidence in Egypt's economy.

Benefits of an open approach

Customer pressure for a wider choice of top-performing products is driving banks into doing what was once unthinkable - selling their competitors' wares.

AFT reflects on a new asset class

Agence France Trésor was nervous about becoming the first issuer of euro-denominated inflation-linked bonds but it is pleased with the results.

Ways to escape catch-22

To attract investors, smaller drugs developers need to show that they have products close to regulatory approval.

To spend or not to spend

Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev, pictured below, surprised Anvar Saidenov when he appointed him as the new head of the central bank.

Ukraine emerges from Russia’s shadow

Its bonds have traditionally traded wider than Russia's, but with its potential for a diversified manufacturing economy and a resurgence in sovereign debt issuance, Ukraine is winning renewed interest from emerging-market funds.

Linkers seek new direction

The inflation-linked market has unexpected pockets of demand, few natural issuers and an unusually close relationship between derivatives and bonds.

Nordic banks respond to demanding clients

Having suffered significant losses when the technology bubble burst, Scandinavia's high-net-worth individuals have become more demanding about products and services they expect from their banks.

Germany's gradual revolution

Selling off Germany's autobahns and lamp posts are two of the more bizarre proposals of a government desperate to raise cash to bail out an ailing economy.

Time is running out for the Landesbanken

With just over a year left before they lose the state guarantees that they rely upon for cheap financing, several German Landesbanken still do not have a clear strategy.

Making work

Through his creation,, entrepreneur Fritz Kaiser is hoping to bring together the leading wealth management service providers in the world as a type of one-stop shop.

Goldman goes for desktop domination

Goldman Sachs is struggling to reassure other brokers that they have nothing to fear from its plans to turn proprietary platform RediPlus into a multi-broker trading system.

Phylon overcomes false start

Hedge fund Phylon's launch was ill-timed, but its partners' application of emerging market experience to European equities has impressed investors.