Safe, simple and small

Deteriorating credit quality has combined with structural illiquidity in the credit market to produce extreme volatility.

What’s so secure about it?

Large investment-grade corporate borrowers have increasingly turned to securitization as rating downgrades and investor risk aversion have pushed spreads on normal bonds to junk levels.

Cash management poll 2002: Missing the point

All the global cash management banks continue to concentrate on the small pool of top-tier multinationals where there are opportunities to cross-sell but where competition is most intense.

Seeking bright spots

As volumes and margins fall in conventional sales, trading and new issues, leading equity firms are desperate for new sources of revenue.

Sixt sticks to his guns

Frank Sixt, chief financial officer of Hutchison Whampoa, spoke to Euromoney’s Chris Cockerill about his company’s aborted euro market bond issue and its plans for developing 3G telecoms technology.