Foreigners forced to play by US rules

The legislative push against corporate malpractice in the US looks set to place a burden on foreign companies listed there and might discourage others from joining them.

Eurohypo finally emerges

Broader groupings among German mortgage banks, such as the long-awaited Eurohypo, look to be the best route out of a depressed market.

Pressure mounts in risky market

The unwelcome onslaught of formerly high-grade European credits on the high-yield bracket has increased the risks in an already concentrated and volatile market, increasing investor uncertainty.

The Shari’ah alternative

The world’s largest financial services firms are realizing that Muslims would increasingly like to invest through Islamic funds.

Growing up awkward

Russia's nascent corporate bond market has been stunted by illiquidity, high yields, short maturities, punitive taxation, early put options and the lack of a properly functioning banking sector.

The downside of prop trading

As investment banks turn ever more to proprietary trading to make profits amid the market slowdown, their reported earnings are becoming increasingly volatile.