Banks face up the growth ceiling

South Africa’s big banks have first-world management, technology and systems but operate in an emerging market where growth prospects are poor and the future is uncertain.

We’ll meet again next year

Dubai is busily preparing to host the annual IMF/World Bank meetings in 2003 which it hopes will showcase the city’s credentials as an international financial centre.

Little option but to open up

Saudi Arabia’s investment needs are so great that it looks as if economic reform – however halting – will win out over statist, introverted policies.

Sonera clears the line

Finnish telecom Sonera’s writing off of unpromising 3G licences has delighted its prospective partner, Sweden’s Telia.

Spron saga grips bankers

A minority of a minority – five holders of part of the 15% active capital of Icelandic mutual savings bank Spron – are crucial to the takeover bid being made by commercial bank Búnadarbanki.

The new oligarchs

The robber-baron days of the Yeltsin-era oligarchs might be over but high-level power play is still a feature of Russia's economy, fuelled by a still underdeveloped legal system.

Too much too soon?

With asset prices beaten down, private-equity firms see big opportunities to buy now.

Lula lead spreads panic

Will it be fourth time lucky for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil's presidential elections? If he wins, the result will not be welcomed on Wall Street.

Straight talking on STP

To talk, as many people do, of common technological standards in the drive towards straight-through processing is hypothetical.

Chasing Portugal

Russia is facing its first real economic test since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Arab 100 2002: Earnings fall at many Arab banks

Despite robust GDP growth in 2001 in most Arab countries, their banks suffered falling earnings because of more domestic competition, weakness in global investment markets, tighter margins, and higher loan-loss provisions.

A comedy of errors

The Korean government’s sale of Seoul Bank to another domestic player has upset foreign bidders .

View from the central bank

Ishrat Husain, governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, talks to Euromoney’s Jules Stewart about economic reform, the attraction of foreign investment and privatization.