Are Chinese walls enough?

US firms have responded to judicial findings about the integrity of their equity analysts with new safeguards.

Tremonti tries the highwire act

Italy’s finance minister, Giulio Tremonti, is engineering major changes in the management of the country’s assets and liabilities.

The shape of things to come

What will the investment management industry look like in the coming years? What are the forces and trends that will shape that future? State Street’s David Spina looks forward.

Devil or angel?

In the face of the most volatile markets in many people’s working lives, investors in the west are looking for safe havens away from New York and London.

AML: Staying ahead of the game

Andrew Clark of PricewaterhouseCoopers assesses the different levels of implementation of anti-money-laundering measures needed by financial institutions to keep up with the flood of regulations from national and international authorities.

Preaching to the converted

It could be crunch time for European convertible issuers as redemptions fall due with stocks at long-term lows.