STP runs into the Red Queen effect

When markets were at dizzy heights and volumes were burgeoning the rapid implementation of straight-through processing looked to be a necessity.

Lukashenka tightens his grip

The autocratic president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka, was re-elected with a big majority last month on a vague platform of economic liberalization.

Banks on a tight leash

Belarus's small banking system has remained a sideshow during the tumult of recent years, while some of the most advanced of Europe's transitional economies suffer.

Merger faces the strains of success

The continuing success of the bank now known as Santander Central Hispano in growing profit, forging alliances elsewhere in Europe and taking major market shares in Latin America is a tribute to the skills of the two banks that came together to form it.

A tasty bite out of the euro

In the Netherlands, bankers anticipate that the final stage of the introduction of the euro will pass into history without a hitch.

Citigroup: it’s all in the balance

While it has become clear that the combination of an investment bank and a commercial bank works, it may be a long and hard journey for Citigroup to achieve across-the-board success.

Smiling through a bear market

Whether it’s labelled programme trading or portfolio trading, the provision of cut-rate execution for liquid securities is a cash cow for banks and brokers.