Prescient expands into US CDs

Prescient, a pioneer of direct debt issuance over the internet, intends to expand into other products in the coming months, with the next target being certificates of deposits in the US.

Clouds on the horizon

Portugal’s economy is in great shape, unemployment is low by European standards and government borrowing requirements are steadily falling.

A new market in search of listings

Brazil's Novo Mercado is Bovespa’s latest attempt to bring the country's Brazilian equity markets up to western standards of transparency, liquidity and governance.

It’s a repeat game

Argentina is now number eight in a quarter-trillion dollar stream of rescue packages to bolster the credit of threatened emerging economies.

Winners and losers

When the new Basel proposals come into force in 2004, the effects will be felt throughout the financial system.

TradeWeb outlines expansion plans

Accounting for some 90% of dealer-to-customer trading in US government securities, TradeWeb is the most successful internet bond dealership yet established.

Missing a great historical chance?

In a new round of negotiations on state support for German public-sector banks, the European Commission and the German government are urgently seeking a solution.

Cross-holdings begin to unwind

CSFB hopes "to get the orthodox, corporate listed exchangeable bond structure working in Japan", but certain obstacles are making this and other sophisticated equity capital markets techniques difficult to establish.

Seeing red over Orange

France Telecom has set a troubling precedent for all those telecom companies that were desperately hoping to turn to the equity markets to raise funding and reduce their leverage.

Joint venture success arouses envy

A joint venture that can only be described as a success, Nikko Salomon Smith Barney is a rare creature, and other banks in Japan are green with envy.