The rise of the mega-hybrids

The potential for internet growth in Latin American remains among the highest in the world, though that is not sufficient to support large numbers of start-up companies.

Germany’s unloved Mittelstand

Medium-size, family-owned companies may be the mainstay of the German economy, but they have been ignored by equity investors seduced either by smaller, riskier high-growth stocks or restructuring corporate giants.

Team players and star performers

Until recently, corporates were hard-pressed to identify the individual M&A advisers most likely to guide them through a transaction or help them head one off.

Hong Kong: The Asian pathfinder

Hong Kong is undergoing a seismic cultural shift with the introduction of its compulsory savings scheme, the Mandatory Provident Fund.

ADRs: Going from strength to strength

Efficient linkages between stock markets should eventually enable global investors to trade shares easily on local markets removing any need to use such instruments as depositary receipts.

Crossover nerves fuel contagion of doubt

Contagion from US domestic corporate bond markets infected Latin American debt in the last months of the year, reversing earlier strong performance by Latin bonds that rallied on the improving credit fundamentals of Mexico and Brazil.

Diversification on the horizon

Next year the Middle East's sovereign bond markets look likely to expand in scope, with new issuers coming in longer maturities and larger amounts