Banks feel little urge to merge

The aborted merger of two Gulf banks is a blow to regional consolidation, but it is only delaying the inevitable, as financial markets open up to foreign competition reports Nigel Dudley

If controls go, will confidence falter?

Malaysia seems to have recovered better from the Asian crisis than some other countries in the region, not least because of the currency control policies that were introduced.

Regulation: Basel’s big exam

Proposals from Basel to reform the bank capital adequacy framework have triggered a wide-reaching debate on the nature of bank capital, liquidity and valuation.

Unnatural selection

Professional headhunters might have avoided the farce surrounding the appointment of the IMF’s new managing director.

Pricing proves to be crucial

Economies in the Middle East are in good shape for forthcoming bond issues, though some sovereign issuers have been deterred by the spread on Qatar's 1999 Eurobond.