Greece - The race for returns

It's a case of eat or be eaten for banks in Greece. With stiff European competition on its way after the country joins Emu, banks are shaping up for the challenge with a string of M&A deals.

Latin America - Ghosts of the past haunt new dawn

Take your pick: Latin America is a basket case doomed to a constant cycle of spurts of short-lived growth followed by economic collapse; Latin America is a continent transformed, with a healthy respect for economic freedom, a burgeoning middle class and an economy on course for convergence with the developed world.

Hypovereinsbank - Slugfest in Bavaria

Two crucial meetings this month may settle the uncertain future of Bavarian giant HypoVereinsbank, in turmoil since chairman Albrecht Schmidt and merger partner Eberhard Martini had a very public row.

Has the World Bank lost its way?

The World Bank's mission is to alleviate poverty by channelling resources to developing nations - but without displacing the private sector.

Greece - Adex gets moving

Hedging equity risk is now possible through the Athens Derivatives Exchange (Adex) with its futures contract based on the FTSE-ASE 20 Index covering blue chip stocks.