Poland becomes the favourite

In the past six months international investors have differentiated central and eastern European countries they once grouped together.

UAE looks forward to regulation

The credibility of the UAE's stock market continues to be affected by the lack of a settlement, clearing and custody system - leaving it highly unregulated, devoid of transparency and subject to manipulation.

Korea: The great universe is torn asunder

As Daewoo, once symbolic of the strength of new Korea, is forced into dismemberment because of crippling debt, the government hopes the demise of the second largest of Korea's chaebols will spur others to restructure to avoid a similar fate.

Belarus: Living with an image problem

Hyperinflation, a stalled privatization process, a lack of raw materials and a national currency near-impossible to convert have understandably encouraged the view among foreign investors that Belarus is an economic basket-case.

Landesbanks: Friedel Neuber über alles

After eight years of campaigning, Germany's private-sector banks finally won a judgment in Brussels against WestLB's contentious capital-raising scheme, striking a blow at the financing privileges of state-owned banks.