Still in the game

Deutsche Bank buys Bankers Trust and pitches itself into yet another battle of cultures.

Learning to survive the shocks

The recent fall in oil prices might once have spelt disaster for the Saudi Arabia's banking sector - slashing government revenues and weakening banks' asset quality.

Advent of the non-deal roadshow

What's the best way to promote an issue? Yesterday's world-touring roadshow is too slow and cumbersome in today's volatile markets.

Japan's wheel of history

Behind all the talk of Big Bang, bank recapitalization and tax cuts, Japan's real policymakers are following a path well trodden during the country's insular past.

Riding the convergence wave

Although the Greek government's macroeconomic policy continues to alienate the electorate, investors are being attracted in their droves to an economy now firmly on track for meeting the European Union's Maastricht criteria by 2001.