Putting out green shoots

They remain small and vulnerable to outside shocks, but the Middle East's stock markets have grown substantially over the past few years and, as Alex Mathias reports, are attracting a broader range of investors.

HSBC's Bond: The bargain hunter

From the Silk Road, to Basingstoke, to Buenos Aires, the HSBC Group has grown into one of the most formidable names in international banking.

Everybody wants to be in retail

Poorly served under the communists, ignored in the nineties' frenzy of corporate activity, he's suddenly being courted by bankers across central and eastern Europe.

Tougher times

Colombia has had mixed fortunes in the debt market in recent years.

Can't change - won't change

The men charged with sorting out Korea's sickly, debt-laden corporate sector are making many of the right noises, but old habits are proving hard to break.

The gold-diggers of Europe 1999

You've heard of America's forty-niners, well these are the ninety-niners, preparing for the gold-rush when Europe's single currency rolls into play in January.

Waiting to take off

Ecuador has two well-organized exchanges, a privatization program, and an open market.

Selling Europe to the US

Who's best at it? And which houses in the next few years will challenge those at the top? It means covering sectors not countries, and convincing 40 big fund managers that you have better information.

Dawn raid in Vienna

European cartel watchdogs swooped on seven Austrian banks in June believing there was evidence of a price-fixing ring.