It's all in the price

After more than a decade of trying, convertible bonds have emerged as a genuine asset class in Europe.

SS Euro - sinking the unsinkable

This is the risk they won't talk about in Brussels, Bonn or Paris - that monetary union, once entered into, goes horribly wrong, scuppering the SS Euro.

Credit-linked comes of age

How can an investor get exposure to below investment-grade risk while investingin AAA rated bonds? Credit-linked notesprovide an answer, but does anyone really know how to price them? By James Rutter.

Turkey: Sustaining the unsustainable

Despite persistently high inflation and international financial turmoil, the Turkish economy continues to defy gravity. The country's banks lend to the treasury in lira at high interest rates.

It started in Scarsdale

Canadian bank CIBC has built up a good track record in the US since developing an investment-banking strategy in the early 1990s.

Who needs gunboats?

A ruling by a court in Denver, Colorado, threatened to frustrate all the Wharf group's dealings with US banks.

Back on track?

After many false starts, the slow train of Indian privatization is picking up speed.

The plunder of UBS

Swashbuckling Swiss Bank Corp is plundering Union Bank of Switzerland as if it were a captured Spanish galleon.