Bavarian slow-step

Investors have warmed to the planned merger between Bayerische Vereinsbank and Bayerische Hypo-Bank because it promises substantial cost reductions.

Orphaning BZW

On October 3, Barclays chief executive Martin Taylor announced he was selling the equities and corporate finance divisions of his investment bank BZW.

Coming soon: the Eurorouble?

Issuing a Eurobond in an east European currency and swapping the proceeds into dollars can produce rock-bottom financing costs with minimal currency risk.

Barbarians at the gates of Europe

Private equity, venture capital or merchant banking - whatever you call it - is a hot area that banks and investors are piling into in Europe, importing US-style aggression and leverage techniques.

Financing China's mega-dam

When it comes to infrastructure projects, this is the big one - an engineering feat on a par with the Great Wall of China.

Barnstorming bureaucrats

Two civil servants, the treasury secretary and the central bank governor, are spearheading Turkey's first credible attack on inflation in a decade.