The great bank sell-off

Want to buy a biggish local bank at a knock-down price? Join the queue of foreigners bidding for former state-owned banks in central Europe - but watch out for messy loan books and murky questions of ownership.

Speculate and be damned

Rather than demonizing George Soros as the prime mover of the run on their currencies, Asian central bankers need to ask themselves hard questions.

Deals of the Year 1997

It's been the year of the emerging markets with many of Euromoney's 50 best deals of the year coming from key countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and Argentina.

Brave new Mexico

The Mexican financial scene has substantially changed since the 1994 crisis.

A question of balance

Currency crises in emerging markets are the result of too much foreign capital, not too little.

Bank reform goes only skin deep

France's banks are stifled by bureaucratic management, crippled by the over-expansion they undertook in the 1980s and hampered by regulatory obstacles to restructuring.

Arab 100 1997: Good times hit the Gulf

With a rare combination of rising oil prices, bumper harvests and policy reforms lifting the economic fortunes of the Middle East, its banks enjoyed a good year in 1996.

Shopping for the big day

Did Bankers Trust buy Alex Brown to make itself more attractive to a potential buyer? And should NationsBank buy First Chicago to give it more bargaining power in any future merger talks, possibly with BankAmerica? As America awaits its biggest-ever banking mergers, such are the advanced strategies under discussion.

Gearing up for growth

The new South African government's enthusiasm for the free market has surprised some sceptics.

Why investors love Poland

After two successful privatizations this summer, foreign investors have become highly enthusiastic about Polish stocks.