Private eyes go public

Private investigator Kroll Associates has worked hard to restore its reputation following allegations in the early 1990s that its subcontractors employed unsavoury tactics to uncover company information.

Talking up Tel Aviv

Israel is awash with companies - many in the high-tech sector - eager to make equity and debt issues.

Mad on Mexico

Back with a vengeance Mexico has put the peso crisis behind it and is attracting a wide range of investors as well as wooing back the ones it lost.

No longer a burned-out hole

Despite the hardships caused to African countries by the 1980s' IMF and World Bank structural adjustment programmes, there have also been benefits.

Pressure builds up for change

Saudi Arabia's capital markets will require reform and liberalization if the kingdom is to build a dynamic economy on what is left of its oil wealth.

Borrowers: Bring on the corporates

US interest rate rises are an ever-present threat to Latin American bonds, but market bulls reckon such rises won't be as destructive as they were in 1994.