Lessons from NatWest

On February 28 NatWest Markets announced that it was suspending a trader after a £50 million loss on interest rate options.

Middle East: Time to bring the money home

If Arab states are to build industrialized trading economies on their oil wealth they will need internationally accessible capital markets trading a full range of financial instruments.

The dash from debt

The hard lessons of recession mean that debt financing is going out of style in Finland, where an invigorated stock market and a brace of privatizations offer a boost for equities.

A veil of tiers

Banks are constantly exploring new and cheaper ways of raising and using capital.

Belgium: The accountability dilemma

Apart from some well-publicized swap operations that may have turned sour, Belgium's treasury has reduced the kingdom's cost of borrowing dramatically.

A crowded road to market

The pressures of qualifying for Emu are forcing governments to privatize faster than they might otherwise think prudent.

Hofmann the go-between

Dresdner Bank's roving diplomat Hansgeorg Hofmann struggled for 18 months to keep Kleinwort Benson intact after its takeover by Dresdner.