Messy divorce in Hong Kong

When one of Hong Kong's biggest conglomerates and NatWest Markets got together in 1994 they spoke of a partnership for the long haul.

Derivatives: Swinging around the world

The pace of development of new derivative products may have slowed since the heady days of the early 1990s, not least because users are more aware of what they are buying and what it ought to cost.

Chipping at the firewalls

US banks still go through contortions to get round the crumbling Glass-Steagall Act, which limits their securities business.

Crazy man in power

Ecuador's populist new president came to power on a wave of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Emu: The outside view

What will be the effect of European economic and monetary union (Emu) on the rest of the world? Will the euro be strong or weak? How will Emu affect world trade and global currency coordination? There are plenty of wild guesses.