Gearing up the tandem

The combination of Chase and Chemical always held the prospect of creating a foreign-exchange giant able to challenge Citibank's number-one position.

Bahrain's survival instincts

Bahrain's reputation as the pre-eminent financial centre on the Arabian Gulf is being challenged by the threat of civil unrest, a domestic sector which is overbanked and foreign banks questioning their need for a presence in the region.

Shackling the custodians

The Maxwell and Baring scandals turned the spotlight on the relative freedoms enjoyed in the UK by global custodians.

FX poll 1996: A close Chase

Newly-appointed global foreign exchange chief, Guy Whittaker, fell silent when Euromoney informed him that the new Chase had topped our annual foreign exchange poll.

Credit Suisse and UBS: Gut takes a tumble

Did Nikolaus Senn, chairman of the embattled Union Bank of Switzerland, seize a merger proposal from CS chairman Rainer Gut and use it as a crude weapon against his bitterest enemy and major shareholder Martin Ebner? Here's the story whose climax a third of all Zurich inhabitants watched on television.