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Trade Finance Survey

Euromoney's annual trade finance survey provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market and the banks that finance global trade. The survey gives readers valuable information on the global trade finance market, and an overall global ranking of trade finance providers across a selection of service categories as rated by their clients.

Results published
: January 2019

Participation: 2019 survey research period: September 6 - October 26 2018.


Private Banking Survey

The annual Private Banking Survey provides a qualitative review of the best services in private banking, by region and by areas of service. It is an informative guide for high net-worth individuals on the range of professional wealth management service providers that are available.

Results published: February 2019

Participation: 2019 survey research period: August 21 - 13 October 2018.

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Foreign Exchange Survey

The industry's leading review of FX trading, research and e-business capabilities. The annual FX Survey is widely considered the benchmark league table of the FX market. Results are based upon qualitative responses from thousands of companies around the world. Treasurers, traders and investors worldwide rate the banks they use to conduct their currency transactions in terms of both transaction volumes and quality of service.

Results published: June 2019

Participation: 2019 survey research period January 16 - March 7 2019.

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Asiamoney’s Global RMB Poll

The Global RMB Poll has established itself as the region’s most comprehensive client-oriented poll for assessing RMB services. The revamped Offshore RMB survey, now branded “Global RMB Poll” covers the full range of onshore, offshore and cross-border renminbi services that companies are now using to address their research, transaction banking and capital market needs, as well as featuring Best Overall category for the bank that demonstrates excellence across all such services.


Awards for Excellence

A benchmark for high-quality products and services across all areas of commercial and investment banking, the Euromoney Awards for Excellence define banking excellence in global categories and across 110 individual countries. Over the years these awards have set the standards for banking and capital market excellence amongst the top ranking financial institutions around the world. Awards are based on outstanding performance, quality service, innovation and momentum.

Results published: Middle East - May 2019; all other regions and globals - July 2019
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Participation: 2019 research conducted March - May.
2018 submission guidelines


Real Estate Survey

Euromoney invites all companies involved in the real estate sector to submit information about their activities, achievements and market opinions. The awards are then decided on the basis of information provided by survey respondents.

Results published: September 2019

Participation: 2019 survey research period March 7 - April 26 2019.

Fixed Income Research Survey

Institutional investors tell us which analysts have made the best calls in the past 12 months. An invaluable guide to investors looking to diversify their European portfolios.

Results published: September 2019

Participation: 2019 survey research period: April 11 - May 24 2019.


Cash Management Survey

Cash managers, treasurers and financial officers worldwide tell us about the standard of international cash management services they receive from their banks.

Results published: October 2019

: 2019 research conducted March 28 - May 10 2019


Asiamoney’s Brokers Poll

This is the largest Asia-focused equity services provider poll. Senior institutional investors at fund management companies, hedge fund & private equity firms, insurance and wealth management companies from around the world assess their sell-side banks and brokerage firms for Asian equities investment.


Country Risk Survey

Quarterly survey which monitors the political and economic stability of 186 sovereign countries. Results published in April, July, October and January.

Participation: Results collection and publication is ongoing - please see Euromoney Country Risk's website for details.

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