About the Euromoney Bank Risk Survey

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Post-global financial crisis, understanding the financial performance of banks remains difficult for investors. Due to the complex nature of bank reporting, both equity and credit analysts are extremely influential in how banks are viewed by investors.

Euromoney Bank Risk has been created to capture, interrogate and distil the opinions of influential analysts. By aggregating the granular qualitative opinions of analysts, we are able to track various indicators.

EBR scorecard: Identifying the key drivers of analyst opinion

For an overview of EBR's factor definitions and scaling guide, click here. For individual detailed explanations, follow this link.


Methodology & Advantages

Granular – Scores are created bottom-up based on 14 contributing factors

Quantifiable – Risk score captures fundamental views of qualified analysts

Timely – More reactive than the rating agencies

Expertise – Analysts rate banks they know best

Qualitatively – Rate 14 factors within 3 categories (Management & Governance, Financial,  and Capital Position)

Periodical – Analysts score quarterly 



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