How many women occupy senior positions at banks in Asia? Is there a cultural or institutional bias against women in the financial system? Is the glass ceiling ready to be shattered? Asiamoney’s upcoming report on Women in Finance will address all of these questions.


Asiamoney is producing a ground-breaking report on the key role women play in Asia’s financial industry, whether it is in senior management positions at banks or as graduates primed to take leadership roles in the future. 

The report will feature a series of interviews with senior women bankers, male allies and other executives weighing up the gender imbalance in the banking system. It will also feature original data on the gender composition of banks across the region.

Asiamoney has engaged with banks over the last few months to obtain data on their overall number of women employees, the number of their managing directors or vice presidents that are women, and the percentage of women in their most recent graduate intake. This data will be published in the report, recognising the most worthy banks as ‘Leaders for Women’.

There is still work to be done to improve the position of women in Asia’s banking system. According to research from Oliver Wyman, women make up just 20% of the executive committees of financial services firms – and less than that in many Asian countries. That makes for sobering reading. But the women featured in our upcoming report should also inspire optimism.

Many have risen to the top of their institutions. Others are considered among the most knowledgeable experts on their individual asset classes. They have plenty to tell us. To hear it, read Asiamoney’s Women in Finance report, which will be published in September.

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Tan Su Shan, head of institutional banking, DBS

“In a culture where they are not used to dealing with women, you have to show that you're as good, if not better, than a man on technical knowledge to gain their trust.”


Heidi Toribio, global head, financial institutions, corporate and institutional banking, Standard Chartered

"We’ve seen many women rise to the top of organisations and across financial services and corporates, but of course there is room for more. Will we see that happen? Absolutely. But I also think that women and individuals have a responsibility to build that pipeline and the channel to get there. We all also have a responsibility to help lift people as we climb."