Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2020


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Asiamoney’s 31st annual Brokers Poll runs from 1 June to 7 August. We invite senior institutional investors from around the world to assess their sell-side banks and brokerage firms for Asian equities.
The detailed results will be published online in December.


(Voting begins 1 June, 2020)


The poll covers the following sections:

Regional (Asia ex-Australia & Japan)
China (A & B shares)
China (H-shares, Red chips, P-shares)    
Hong Kong (local, non-China)
Sri Lanka
Hedge Funds
Prime Broking


To qualify for the regional categories, participating firms, analysts and sales personnel need to service three or more countries/independent markets. For the purpose of this poll, Hong Kong is considered an extension of the mainland China market. For example, for Chinese brokers and their staff to be considered regional, they must service two additional markets beyond mainland China and Hong Kong.

Regional Equity Sales

• Best overall regional sales
• Best regional sales people
• Best regional sales traders
• Best regional brokerages for execution

Regional Equity Research

The industries covered are those given the highest weighting in the MSCI Asia ex-Japan index as of April 2020. The poll will be producing individual and team rankings for the following industries.

• Strategist 
• Economist
• Quantitative / technical
• Automobiles & components
• Banks
• Casinos & gaming
• Consumer discretionary
• Consumer staples
• Diversified financials
• Energy
• Healthcare
• Industrial (i.e. conglomerates/capital goods)
• Insurance
• Materials
• Real estate
• Semiconductors & semiconductor equipment
• Software, Internet & service
• Technology hardware & equipment
• Telecommunication services
• Transportation
• Utilities


• Best for overall services in hedge fund


• Best for overall services in prime broking


Australia, Bangladesh, China (A&B shares), China (H-shares, Red chips, P-chips), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
• Best local brokerage

Equity Sales

• Best overall sales service
• Best brokerage for sales trading
• Best execution
• Best sales persons
• Best sales traders

Corporate Access

• Best for corporate access

Equity Research 

• Best overall research
• Best analyst per sector in the most frequently traded industries in that market
• Best analyst for small/mid-caps
• Best strategist
• Best economist


Points for place

For all categories, a first place vote rewards three points; second place two points and third place one point. 

“One firm – one vote”

To avoid any one institution having more influence than others of equal size, multiple responses are fractioned according to the total number received from that one institution.

Asset size weightings

Each response was then weighted according to the institution’s approximate asset size (total unleveraged Asian equity funds under management) in Asia-Pacific (ex-Australia & Japan), in Australia or in Japan (depending upon the institution’s allocation of funds). The table below details the weightings according to asset size (hedge fund firms have been weighted at six times their assets to reflect their higher turnover rate):

Rankings for Overall combined regional research & sales, Overall regional research, and Overall regional sales 

For the Asia (ex-Australia & Japan) rankings a domestic market weighting system is used to compare brokerages as a whole in the region. The rationale is that the importance of markets varies across the region, so the points a brokerage receives in major markets should be weighted more than the points it receives in smaller markets. The MSCI AC Asia ex-Japan (as of April 2020) was used to achieve this. A similar sector weighting system is used to address the importance of the sectors within the region. Please refer to the following tables for a mathematical breakdown: 




The scores for Australia, China (A&B share) and Japan Overall Combined Research & Sales are calculated by simply adding together the scores from the categories of Best Overall Research and Best Overall Sales Service in each of these countries/independent markets.


Select respondents may receive an email from Asiamoney two days after they vote asking them to click on a validation link to verify their vote. If respondents do not complete the polling process by clicking the link, Asiamoney may follow up and attempt to verify via by other means.
Asiamoney will investigate and audit individual responses; responses suspected of being fraudulent will be made void and violating parties will not be eligible to participate in future Asiamoney Polls.  
Please direct inquiries to Harris Fan by e-mail at or by telephone at +852 2912 8037.



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