Explosive growth pushes CEE risk to new lows

Investor risk is at its lowest than at any time this decade, as countries in the region exhibit improving fiscal metrics thanks to grade-one economic conditions – but will they last?

Poland strides ahead, unconvincingly

Euromoney’s latest risk survey has downgraded Poland again – despite its strong economic growth – as the populist-conservative government completes its third of four years in office.

Barbados represents a higher risk opportunity

The new government has inherited a mess, with Euromoney’s survey signalling a further rise in risk in Q2 2018, but ECR experts believe proactive leadership can suitably address the issues.

Country risk: Russia takes centre stage

When the World Cup fanfare is over, investors must gauge whether the country represents a better bet than other emerging markets – and there are still some nagging doubts.

Vietnam speeds up privatization as risks subside

The country will remain closed politically, but the authorities seem more determined than ever to address the fiscal problem, and that can only further improve an investor outlook underpinned by market-based economic reforms.

Ultra-safe Sweden might be due a wobble

The country is enjoying Goldilocks conditions, with strong growth, low inflation and no notable fiscal problems to concern investors, but with elections this year, and credit risk heightened, the goods times might not last.

Mexico at risk from populism

Investor risk is heightened by the general election on July 1 and analysts fear it could see structural reforms undermined, weighing on economic growth potential.